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Glocalism, the new peer-reviewed journal of culture, politics and innovation, edited by Davide Cadeddu, is now online at the following address: http://www.glocalismjournal.net

"The major challenge in the post-modern era is to propose new paradigms in order to understand the dynamics of a world that has become glocalised. We need only pause to consider phenomena such as the progressive decline of national states, the emergence of new players, first and foremost the glocal cities, as well as the growing phenomenon of mobility and hybridisation between different cultures and people.

There is therefore an urgent need for adequate cultural tools to interpret the new scenarios proposed by glocalism.

It is with very consideration in mind that Globus et Locus decided to create a locus to serve whoever wanted to develop systematic thought around these issues, in an environment of scientific standing that would gather and encourage cultural contributions and in-depth analyses on the phenomena of glocalisation. This formed the basis for the idea to create the journal “Glocalism”, journal of culture, politics and innovation."



06 December 2013
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