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Themes and lines of research  

The Department is active in the following research areas:

  • Archival science, Bibliography and Librarianship (M-STO/08)
  • Contemporary History (M-STO/04)
  • Diplomatic and Palaeography (M-STO/09)
  • Economic History (SECS-P/12)
  • History of Ancient Philosophy (M-FIL/07)
  • History of Christianity and of Churches (M-STO/07)
  • History of Eastern Europe (M-STO/03)
  • History of Political Institutions (SPS/03)
  • History of Political Theories (SPS/02)
  • History of Science and Technology (M-STO/05)
  • Logic and Philosophy of Science(M-FIL/02)
  • Medieval History (M-STO/01)
  • Modern History (M-STO/02)
  • Numismatics (L-ANT/04)
  • Roman History (L-ANT/03)


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