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The Department of Historical Studies is responsible for the three-years Bachelor degree course in History and Liberal Studies in Communications and the two-years Master degree course in HistoryCommunications: Theory and Methods and Culture and History of the Publishing System.

The Department of Historical Studies is also co-responsible for all the Bachelor and Master degree course taught under the aegis of the Faculty of Humanities and of Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences


Bachelor degree course in History

The Bachelor degree course means for the student to acquire a sound historical education, albeit basical and generic, that will enable him to develop a sense of historical depths entailing phenomena, processes and structures of reality. This educational process will be founded on basic knowledge of tendencies and historical language of various ages acquired with mastery of essential instruments for documentary exegesis and with use of modern technology.

Master degree course in History

The Master degree course means for the student to acquire a deep historical knowledge paying special attention to the specific themes and stages of historical studies. The graduate in Historical Studies will have acquired the necessary knowledge and expertise to work for highly professional institutions that recquire a sound liberal education, with particular attention for historical aspects.

Bachelor degree course in Liberal Studies in Communications

The Bachelor degree course in Liberal Studies in Communications aims at obtaining theoretical and technical expertise turned to breed professional personalities able to integrate themselves into the world of multimedia information and communications, granting especially acquisition of sound, albeit still general, knowledge in multimedia communications field (radio, television, cinema, papers, internet, etc.), with specific reference to the communication networks connected to the aestethical and philosophical analysis, to the language, to the historical and social customs, to the performing arts.

Master degree course in Culture and History of the Publishing System

The Master degree course aims at supplying a solid knowledge, particularly in the liberal arts’ field, and at breeding professional personalities who guarantee a full vision of the publishing systems’ productive activities and its general problems, from production to consumption, with specific reference to book-publishing industry focusing on modern and contemporary ages.

Master degree course in Communications: Theory and Methods

The Master degree course aims at obtaining a solid knowledge in linguistics, aesthetics and philosophy, history, logic, rhetorics, with attention to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) principle, as well as useful theoretical and methodological knowledge to achieve an in-depth analysis of the communication system’s sectorial and mediological languages, to produce texts in the linguistic sphere and to theoretically design communication models

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